Opportunità di lavoro

in Germania


Scadenza: 30.11.2019

Il Servizio Eures dell’Afol di Milano cerca il seguente personale da impiegare in Germania:

  • SCAFFOLDERS Ref. 10000-1154190556-S
  • Layers for tiles, slabs and mosaic Ref. 10000-1156755400-S
  • Butchers Ref. 10000-1168576915-S
  • Electronics technician for industrial engineering Ref. 10000-1171285655-S
  • Electricians and Electronics technicians for building services Ref. 10000-1172584338-S
  • Masons/ bricklayers Ref. 10000-1173222813-S
  • Roofers and Plumbers Ref. 10000-1171936289-S
  • Bakers Ref. 10000-1170207176-S
  • Fitter for drywall Ref. 10000-1173494556-S
  • Cabinetmakers and Carpenters Ref. 10000-1170702886-S
  • Paver and Road builder Ref. 10000-1167797271-S
  • Machine operators, cutting machine operators, CNC turner, CNC milling cutter Ref. 10000-1165085810-S
  • Mechatronic technicians for motor vehicle Ref. 10000-1165517183-S
  • Plumbers for heating, plumbing and air conditioning Ref. 10000-1140896257-S